We help design and construction firms in adopting BIM modeling for building plans and drawings with accurate geometry for better design visualization.

VDC Consulting

Extensive VDC Experience

Our task force’s expertise in BIM services empowers us to be the leading Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) consulting Company from India taking outsourced projects from offshore clients delivering excellent solutions through latest CAD and BIM technology. Our VDC Consulting services focus on design delivery needs of architectural consultants, contractors, engineers, manufacturers and building design and construction organization.

Our BIM consultants and managers collaborate with your architects and engineers to transform their design data from 2D drawings, blueprints and pdf files to 3D BIM models in as-built conditions and full scale 3D rendering to facilitate quick design interpretation. We create 3D visualization and presentation models for engineers and design consultants to explain their design intent.

We create 3D BIM models for architecture, structure, and MEP layouts to visualize accurate building geometry for designing a final clash free model of the building design. We help construction firms with efficient planning for construction scheduling by creating 4D BIM simulation, 5D models for cost estimation and all the way up to facility management services. Our VDC BIM modeling services encompass everything from 3D designing to all the way to asset management for efficient facility operations.

Our VDC consulting services encompass:

We partner with our clients from the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and the Middle East countries to implement VDC and adopt BIM processes for all their building construction and infrastructure development projects. We help implementing VDC for construction of hotels, recreational parks, shopping malls, bridges, highways and residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Advantages of hiring VDC consultants from us:

Contact us today and discuss your needs for VDC consulting and we ensure quick ROIs for your next building construction projects.

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