We structural steel detailers deliver 2D and 3D shop drawings and steel fabrication drawings to help structural engineers, contractors and fabricators in aligning their workflows seamlessly.

Fabrication Shop Drawings Experts

Our CAD detailers deliver outsourced steel shop drawings services to create high quality 2D and 3D drawings using AutoCAD, Revit and Tekla as well as sheet metal fabrication drawings in SolidWorks as per the client requirements. We being a full-spectrum building design firm from India deliver end to end steel detailing services, preparing steel fabrication drawings converting CAD drawings to BIM ready models or BIM implementation for entire structural designs at affordable costs and bring insights to contractors for bidding.

Our Revit drafters, onshore and offshore partners to design and construction firm, delivers accurate steel shop drawings with Bill of Materials (BOM) and for precast and prefabrication needs, reinforcement detailing, millwork, fabrication operations, and much more with detailed engineering needs. With competence in CAD, our structural design engineers and CAD drafters also prepare efficient models and manufacturing drawings for steel building products and components like steel stairs, ladders etc.

We help construction and design firms to develop BIM models from shop drawings and structural designs to enable them in leveraging AR/VR technology and Blockchain technology for costing and estimating.

Service offerings for steel shop drawings:

Our long-term relationship with our clients relies on our procedural transparency and excellent problem solving skill of our engineering teams. We partner with manufacturing, construction and design firms from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and GCC for delivering constant design support for construction projects.

Advantages of outsourcing steel shop drawings to us:

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