We deliver steel detailing services to digitize detailed drawings for seamless collaboration of structural engineers, steel fabricators and contractors.

Structural Detailing Expertise

We, as a structural engineering support and building design company, specialize in delivering structural steel detailing drawings and 2D CAD drafts for structural / civil engineers to design building and structures of immense strength. Our Tekla steel detailing services addresses the challenges of creating impeccable structures, costs and appropriate construction scheduling by creating 2D shop floor drawings and structural drafts.

Our experience of developing accurate structural detailing plans, anchor setting plans and X-steel detailing ensures correct understanding of structural designs that seamless collaborates with BIM-ready 3D models. We consult for BIM implementation across construction firms to extract BOQs, costs and systematically plan construction timeline without any workflow clash and delivering prefabricated steel components on site.

We help structural engineers envision their proposed building plans to stakeholders by creating lightweight models compatible to be used in collaboration with augmented reality and virtual reality devices.

Our steel detailing services involves:

Our 20+ years of experience of delivering steel detailing services to contractors and construction companies empowers us to eliminate any discrepancies in your detailing plans and eliminate them early. We have extensive experience of delivering steel detailing plans for construction of highways, bridges, dams, skyscrapers, high-rise hotels, villas and residential, commercial and industrial buildings adhering to international design standards.

Advantages of outsourcing steel detailing services to us

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