Our rebar detailing services using 2D and 3D CAD to manufacturing firms, contractors, fabricators and structural engineers for steel and concrete.

Rebar Detail Drawings Experts

We deliver outsourced rebar detailing services to draft 2D and 3D steel fabrication drawings and shop drawings for ensuring immense strength to building structure. As a full spectrum building design support firm from India, our in-house teams of Revit drafters and Tekla detailers along with structural engineers deliver excellent rebar dealing drawings along with as-built BIM-ready 3D models at affordable fees charged per month and/or man-month dedicated.

Our engineering team partners with steel fabricators and contractors to understand shop floor and construction site requirements in form of 2D detailed drawings with laps, curves, bends, welds and much more in AutoCAD. We help construction companies to visualize designs and eliminate design flaws early by creating 3D models in Revit compatible to AR/VR technology minute details like concrete joints, I-section and H-Section beams and other structural members.

We deliver rebar detailing services for residential townships, commercial buildings like shopping mall and skyscrapers, bridges, damns, flyovers, marine decks, and industrial complexes along with grand public facilities.

Service offerings under rebar detailing:

We act as the extended arms for structural design organization across the globe, especially in the USA, UK, EU, Canada and Australia with our structural design teams of 200+ drafters, engineers and surveyors. We have accomplished 2500+ projects for the AEC industry in multiple verticals with excellent project management skills so we remain the leading service provider to construction companies.

Benefits of outsourcing rebar detailing services to us:

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