We offer quantity takeoff services to engineers, architects, and contractors for efficient construction cost estimating and planning with 5D BIM modeling.

Quantity Take-off

Experienced Quantity Estimators

At Hitech, we have highly qualified teams of BIM managers and consultants who collaborate with construction organizations and sub-contractors to derive quantity take offs for construction project and an efficient BIM execution plan.

As a leading BIM services provider we help you develop efficient construction management strategies by delivering estimated quantity of material and components needed beforehand the construction begins.

Our quantity take off services with BIM has helped accelerate the planning and scheduling stage of even the most complex projects involving development of airport terminal buildings, hospital / healthcare buildings, recreational building and resorts and many more to virtual reality firms. Our engineering teams’ expertise of understanding 2D drawings, estimating the QTOs and converting them into a comprehensive 3D BIM model with quantity labels, we remain a profitable BIM consultants to our clients when it comes to estimating quantity.

Glance at quantity take off service offerings:

Our quantity take off plans and 3D models help you increase profitability by reducing waste and surplus material order as well as plan availability of materials on site as and when needed. We help site engineers and quantity surveyors to identify crucial materials needed and practice lean ordering to reduce waste right from early planning stages.

Talk to us today about your quantity take off planning and we ensure to reduce your project costs by a significant amount by helping you establish lean construction practices.

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