BIM Services in United Kingdom

We deliver BIM services in UK to support architectural, structural and MEP disciplines involved in the development of building and infrastructure projects with our expertise and experience in BIM.

Hitech has successfully delivered BIM services to EPCs, contractors, architectural firms and MEP consultants spread across cities like London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Liverpool in UK. We have remained a valuable partner in implementing BIM for wide range of building projects including residential, commercial, hospital, educational and industrial facilities. Our team comprises of experienced CAD professionals, civil engineers, architects, MEP professionals and BIM experts, providing design support right from conceptual stage (2D CAD), 3D modeling (3D BIM) and construction scheduling (4D BIM) to cost estimation (5D BIM), sustainability (6D BIM) and facility management (7D BIM).

We utilize BIM tools like AutoCAD, Revit, Tekla, NAVISWORKS and Autodesk Building Design Suite (BDS) to deliver accurate and informative 3D models for architectural, structural and MEP disciplines. Our teams have also delivered BIM content to manufacturers of building products using Revit with LOD100 to LOD500. Hitech’s BIM services are aligned as per industry standards such as IFC and COBie, to maintain uniformity across the project right from concept through construction.

Hitech BIM Services has been instrumental in helping AEC clients in UK to shift their processes from BIM Level 1 to BIM Level 2, and meet the UK Government mandate efficiently. With a team of 200+ professionals and scalable resource capabilities, Hitech is a true design support partner to meet project requirements of any scale and complexity.

Level of details from LOD100 to LOD500, we develop BIM workflows conforming to IFC and COBie standards. We as one of the leading BIM service providers partner you in extracting quantities, scheduling and estimations for contractors, construction firms and individual project stakeholders.

Our BIM services include:

  • Revit BIM Drafting Drawings & CAD Conversions
  • 3D Virtual Presentations/Visualization
  • BIM 3D/4D/5D Services
  • BIM Coordination
  • Building Conflict Reporting / Clash Detection
  • Quantity Take-off & Cost Estimation
  • Point Cloud to BIM
  • BIM For Prefabrication and Fabrication
  • Revit Family Creation
  • Facility Management
  • Construction Documentation

Implement BIM workflows to replace your existing 2D drawings and sketches, to improve design communication, productivity and profitability. Send details of your architectural, structural or MEP designs to us at

Architectural BIMStructural BIMMEP BIM

Architectural BIM Services UK

Architectural BIM Implementation in UK

Hitech delivers architectural BIM services in UK to architectural firms, real estate developers and construction companies, enabling them to align their designs with structural and MEP disciplines for building projects.

We provide informative 3D architectural models according to BIM standards like IFC and COBie, along with 2D design support for residential, commercial, educational and hospital building projects. Our teams also help architects in detecting and resolving clashes for architectural BIM-ready models with structural and MEP designs. Through informative modeling, we enable owners to quickly extract quantities and estimate costs for architectural designs, before even the ground is broken.

Our architectural BIM services in UK, for following two aspects:

Conceptual Design
  • 2D drawings from conceptual sketches, images and PDFs
  • 2D conceptual drawings, planning drawings & technical drawings
  • Creating architectural shop drawings
  • 3D modeling & rendering for concept visualization
  • 3D floor plan and 360° panorama development
  • Producing architectural coordination models
  • Quantity take-off from architectural BIM models
  • Creating as-built drawings from 3D BIM models once the project is complete
  • Creation site logistic models before the actual construction begins
Detailed Design
  • Concepts to detailed 2D drafts for floor plan, elevation plan, building schemes and many more
  • 3D visualization & rendering of architectural models
  • BIM ready 3D models for design collaboration
  • Façade detailing
  • Construction documents for building sections, staircase/vertical circulation details, construction details
  • Building energy modeling for sustainable building designs and LEED certifications

Structural BIM Services UK

Structural BIM Implementation in UK

Hitech enables structural engineers, construction firms and contractors in UK to efficiently plan, design and erect strong and sustainable building structures through our expertise and experience in Structural BIM.

From detailed 2D fabrication drawings, steel and rebar detailing to structural analysis and precast concrete detailing, our team of structural engineers and BIM experts enable clash-free integration of structural designs with architectural and MEP disciplines. We have delivered structural BIM services for multiple building and infrastructure projects including residential, commercial, hospital, educational, industrial buildings as well as airports and bridges.

Structural BIM services include:

  • 2D drafting & 3D structural models
  • Structural design & analysis
  • Structural steel detailing in Tekla
  • Extraction of structural components
  • Assembly drawings for precast walls, columns, beams and walls
  • Clash detection & risk mitigation
  • Construction documentation for both steel and concrete elements
  • Calculation and design for number of reinforcements required for safety
  • Quantity take-off and cost estimates
  • Detailed structure design with BIM tools for enhanced collaboration

MEP BIM Services UK

MEP BIM Implementation in UK

We also deliver MEP-BIM services in UK to help mechanical, electrical and plumbing consultants and contractors to seamlessly integrate their system designs with architectural and structural aspects of the building and infrastructure projects.

At Hitech, we have a team of mechanical engineers, MEP professionals and BIM experts who combine their experience to deliver clash-free MEP-BIM models for residential, commercial, educational, hospital, industrial buildings and airports. Our teams also deliver BIM content for suppliers of plumbing systems, electrical appliances, mechanical systems and drainage systems with required level of detailing ranging from LOD100 to LOD500.

We also help engineers to optimize HVAC systems for specific building heating/cooling requirements through our expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and enabling lower power consumption to remain sustainable and meet green building goals.

Our MEP BIM services include:

  • Conversion of 2D design drawings to 3D models
  • Coordination among different MEP trades
  • Shop drawings, fabrication drawings, builders work drawings
  • 3D BIM to 4D BIM for scheduling and to 5D BIM for costing
  • Collision detection, clash detection & risk mitigation
  • Coordinate checking
  • Schedules, detailed section views & Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Parametric modeling and library creation of HAVC & MEP components
  • Constriction documents
  • Extraction of project information

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