What does 5D BIM mean for Cost Managers?

May 30th, 2016 Hitech BIM Services

5D BIM for Construction Managers

BIM has been an answer to all highly intellectual questions pertaining to buildings and recent architectural trends. If you look at its evolution, it signifies an evolution from 2D CAD design to a dynamic 3D model built of enormous data of a project and its physical/virtual characteristics. Until now the best that BIM has done for us is visualization and clash detection. And we were happy with this, until, we realized it can do much better. It can solve the most crucial part of building process and that is – Cost!!

So let’s say you create an information model, furthermore, you add scheduling data to different components which leads you to generate precise program data for the concerned project. This is 4D BIM. Now when you produce an accurate cost estimate from the given components of the information model it is 5D BIM.

One of the several advantages of developing 5D BIM is that it integrates the cost estimation ability to the BIM model in a way that any change in the design is reflects immediately in the budget. The 4D model-based project schedule integrates a series of interdisciplinary performance models which includes the structure, labor force, workflow sequence and process of the design and construction.

In order to maintain this, it requires continuous referencing and analyzing the model to deduct all potential risk. 5D BIM occurs simultaneously during the pre-construction 4D construction schedule sequencing phase.

Those assessments can reflect in the capital cost of purchasing and installing a component, the running costs associated with it, once in use and the foreseen price of renewing it in the future – entirely based on the data and information associated and linked to that particular component.

How can 5D BIM, benefit Cost managers and Construction process

One has also to keep in mind that everything is not modeled in 3D. There is a lot to be used from 2D information. Also, different graphical model classify things accordingly. Now is the time when cost managers might give away an indicative cost plan at the onset of a project, and later update it as the project develops. In BIM process they are engaged right from outset of the project till it comes to closure. They are the must and cant-afford-to-lose team members, who from taking manuals to making most accurate cost report at influential stage are needed eyry step. These are the members who make “Living cost plan” and become an invaluable asset in helping their team to design budgets.

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