Our virtual reality services enable global building design and construction firms to translate BIM models into immersive 3D virtual reality using VR devices.

Virtual Reality for BIM

BIM for Interactive 3D Models

Our 3D artists and engineers develop 3D designs of building models with full-scale 3D rendering from 2D plans and drawings for immersive experience of space and interior visualizations for AEC industry professionals. Moreover, we create 3D BIM models compatible with VR technology to experience the architecture and engineering of the designs to construction companies in and take informed decisions. We enable contractors, engineers and architects to visualize step-by-step process in Virtual Reality Environments and eliminate any probability of workflow clashes.

We enable 3D visualizations with walkthrough and interactivity using Virtual reality Head Mounted Devices (HMD) by translating BIM models into Virtual Reality experiences. Our BIM specialists combine BIM models with 3ds Max to deliver 3D simulated environment for excellent virtual reality models and creating enhanced design perception with gaming engine and real time rendered models.

We develop 3D Virtual Reality construction BIM models for efficient design communication and construction progress plans for healthcare, hospitality, roads and highways, dams and bridges, tunnels, railways, or even residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Our high-quality 3D design graphics enable perceiving designs at your best for excellent design delivery and keeping every stakeholder on the same page with virtual reality firm needs.

Offerings for virtual reality services:

We are the pioneers of BIM consulting services and empower building construction firms, architects and consultants by undertaking their outsourced projects for BIM migration to adopt new technologies. Our well-versed BIM teams and managers along with skilled 3D artists give us the leverage to be leaders of BIM for virtual reality services across the globe including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and GCC countries

Why should you outsource virtual reality services to us:

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