We deliver BIM implementation services to empower construction design company professionals gain an edge over building designs and construction management processes.

BIM Implementation

Assistance for BIM Adoption

At Hitech, we form a leading BIM consulting company from India, helping building design professionals, engineers, architects and architectural consultants migrate from CAD to BIM or paper to BIM implementation across their organizations. We enable contractors to strategize BIM execution plans throughout their projects by our expert consulting insights along with Revit 3D modeling for building designs and effective process management solutions.

We enable elimination of material waste, clashes and cost overruns by creating a coordinated BIM model for the project for contractors and construction firms to take informed decisions and visualize designs in 3D. Our BIM implementation takes construction firms from design to well-managed construction stages with appropriate scheduling, cost plans and sustainable designs. We empower construction and design engineering companies to collaborate with AR and VR firms to help clients visualize designs before they are built using AR/VR headsets and wearables.

Glance at our BIM implementation services:

We at Hitech are a team of well-qualified engineers delivering BIM implementation services across the globe including America, UK, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Our aims lie in reducing unnecessary project time overruns and achieve maximum efficiency in terms of costs and efforts.

By partnering with us means ensured BIM modeling solutions and insights for taking construction projects including educational buildings, hotels & resorts, retail shopping malls, parks & skyscrapers, airports, railways, bridges, dams, tunnels and much more.

Advantages of outsourcing BIM implementation to us:

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