We integrate all the disciplines of any construction project for modular construction by delivering BIM services for prefabrication processes.

BIM for Pre-Fabrication & Fabrication

Fabrication Level BIM Experience

Our technical teams of engineers, architects and drafters deliver BIM modeling services for prefabricating building products and elements to enable offsite construction and reduce safety risk. With BIM modeling, we enable auto generated fabrication shop drawings for prefabricated building products as well as designs for precast and prefab components to save time and costs.

Our BIM teams work towards the alignment of fabricators and site engineers needs by channeling every stage from design to fabrication for various verticals such as residential, commercial and industrial construction as well as infrastructure development projects. We leverage VDC to deliver 2D production drawings and 3D models along with 3D BIM modeling services of building components to enhance BIM implementation across the construction company.

Our service offerings enlisted under BIM for prefabrication and fabrication:

We partner with sheet metal contractors, furniture manufacturers and building product manufacturers to help them develop BIM 3D models of their fabricated products and put up online for standardization using IFC open format models. Our BIM experts help you integrate original designs with CNC machines for fabrication and BIM needs for construction management through consultation and assistance during entire project tenures.

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