Our teams deliver BIM execution plan (BEP) for streamlining design coordination and offsite construction planning between design and construction stakeholders.

BIM Execution Plan

Expertise in BIM Strategies

We ensure that BIM is implemented correctly across the building construction projects and within various teams of engineers, architects, planners and facility managers; for which we impart training, insights and BIM consulting to improve overall processes. Our BIM execution planning (BEP) managers work on developing data-rich 3D BIM models, construction sequencing charts and cost estimates to establish single source of truth across the project as well as collaborating with AR/VR companies.

Our BIM managers develop and help strategizing construction management plans by creating organized 3D BIM models for building plans and drafting to have an interactive model to attain control over construction management. We plan BIM modeling and project execution plans for your teams of engineers and contractors to carry out seamless construction site activities as well as develop single clash-free models right during designing stage and eliminate reworks.

Service offerings for BIM execution plans:

We remain the strategic partners to global EPC firms and contractors in construction management planning and application with BIM. We serve as an extended arm to global construction firms from the USA, UK, Europe, the Middle East and Australia for several named projects in hospitality industry, retail construction, infrastructure development in public and transportation industry and high-rise buildings.

Why chose us as your BIM execution planning partner:

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