We integrate building design data and with analytics and leverage it with BIM models of construction projects to help construction and design firms stay efficient.

BIM Analytics

Data Driven Decisions

Our BIM analytics services focuses on helping contractors, engineers and architects to realize the value of accurate cost estimation along with precise site logistics and hence the order quantity across the project life cycle backed by legacy design data and insights. We utilize BIM parametric modeling with cost data schedules and estimating software and simulate construction sequencing.

We, at Hitech, have excellent BIM teams working to deliver analytical models for conceptual design estimates and winning tenders at bidding process by taking informed decisions for EPC firms. We improve collaboration between architects, engineers and stakeholders for quick decision making process with BIM 3D modeling and take align them with latest technology of AR/VR.

We help designers collaborate well with AR-VR firms by creating excellent immersive models and design visualization with costs, materials, finishing before construction begins. With our technical expertise of delivering BIM services for 20+ years, we deliver important insights for construction sequencing, clash-free design models, and accurate cost estimates based on data.

Our BIM analytics services include:

With our long standing experience and unparalleled software expertise in Revit, 3ds Max, Lumion and many more we address the needs of accurate decision making process to save cost and time. We remain a constant support to our clients, on and off shore construction companies, by our excellent BIM mangers project management capabilities across the USA, UK, EU and GCC.

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