We enable design companies, engineers and architects to combine the potential of augmented reality (AR) technology with BIM and explore full benefits of design visualization.

Augmented Reality for BIM

BIM for AR Firms

We are the leading building design consultants from India delivering outsource BIM modeling services to construction firms and contractors by leveraging augmented reality technology along with traditional BIM processes. We create architectural visualization and structural geometry by 3D augmented reality glasses and help construction firms collaborate with augmented reality companies.

Our AR services for BIM are focused to eliminate paperwork by digitizing designs, construction documentation and RFIs that gives contractors better control over sites activity planning and management. We create 3D BIM models to help augmented reality firms align their goals with building contractors and design engineers. We also deliver 4D and 5D BIM models compatible to AR headsets for onsite and offsite assistance. We see the prospective future of augmented reality and make construction firms AR ready with 6D and 7D BIM models for facility and asset management in new age technology.

With deep designing expertise and our 3D artists have extensive experience on working with rendering software; we create augmented reality solutions for furniture and interior designs used across every vertical of AEC industry. We enable design stakeholders to allow immersive and interactive experiences for design perception with an understanding of ‘how augmented reality works’ and deploying it with BIM-ready as-built 3D models.

Service offerings under BIM for augmented reality:

We deliver BIM models to suite the interactive holograms produced by the AR application or device used by design firms, architectural consultants or engineers for design communication with their clients. We remain a reliable partner for the past 20+ years to our clients with domain expertise gained over long span.

Advantages of outsourcing augmented reality services to us:

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