We capture every building design change and document in digitized copies with as-built models for engineers and architects and adapt to BIM automation.

As-Built Modeling

As-Built Drafting & Drawing

Our Revit drafters convert blueprints and red-markup drawings with alterations in building designs and create as-built 3D models of building design plans to take informed decisions. We document every change made by sub-contractors, MEP contractors and architectural consultants in the final plans based on spatial conditions at actual sites to keep 3D BIM models updated with VDC services.

Our as-built drafting and drawing services help engineers to convert scanned data of constructed facilities to digitize the actual physical conditions for refurbishment. From archaic buildings to blueprints of new construction plans, we at BIM consulting firm, model everything for contractors to have ready information in a single digital model of the present condition of the building.

Our as-built modeling services include:

We help site engineers and contractors for accuracy in decisions and tackle with unforeseen circumstances by converting 2D drafts and plans into final actual as-built plans to phase construction efficiently. By partnering with us for as-built and BIM outsourcing services you are benefited across enlisted areas.

Benefits of as-built modeling:

  • Eliminating multiple documents for building design
  • Ease in fetching actual facility conditions
  • No hard copies for drawing and technicalities referrals
  • Efficient installation of MEPF equipment as per space availability
  • Quick decision making during refurbishment of facilities

Contact us now for more information on as-built modeling services and we will ensure to accelerate your decision making process for facility management and retrofitting.

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