Our BIM experts assist quantity surveyors, contractors and planning engineers for cost estimation with 5D BIM services.

5D BIM Cost Estimation

Construction Cost Estimation Experts

We deliver accurate cost estimation along with quantity takeoffs using virtual as-built intelligent 3D models for building construction projects having multiple complexities. We partner with large construction companies, architects, engineers and contractors to help them evaluate near accurate costs for bidding, winning tender approvals, order quantity for prefabrication and construction billing solutions through VDC solutions.

Our in-house teams of civil engineers along with teams experienced in BIM Consulting and implementation aids cost estimation through software tool help contractors predict the material requirements planning, and evaluate costs of entire project including labor costs. We develop highly interactive and virtually intelligent BIM models for execution of construction project plans, assembly and installation of components.

Our teams help design companies and quantity surveyors leverage rising technology like Blockchain and cloud computing combine by developing IFC open formant BIM models and reuse design data.

5D BIM construction cost estimation service offerings:

Having a long standing experience and a scalable technology infrastructure, we work closely with our clients, on and offshore, requirements of cost mapping with BIM platforms. We use Autodesk Revit along with BIM cost estimating software for cost modeling of as-built building models and coordinate with cost planning divisions and sub-contractors.

We have executed a significant number of 5D BIM cost estimation projects and are operational in more than 50 nations. We remain a trustful partner for 5D BIM services to our global clients with highly qualified teams of engineers, architects, BIM specialists and CAD drafters.

If you are looking for BIM cost estimation services, talk to us today.

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