BIM Services

BIM for Facilities Management

We extend complete BIM support for operations and maintenance, renovation and refurbishment, facility management and optimization of asset management from design to demolition.

Facility managers can use 7D BIM support for quick and informed decision making regarding the changing spatial requirements, repair and maintenance requirements, energy evaluation, and maintenance of HVAC systems in a facility.

Service Offerings:

  • BIM for Asset Management
  • BIM enabled Centralized database for building elements
  • BIM for As Built
  • BIM embedded O&M manuals
  • BIM maintenance plans and technical support
  • COBie data population and extraction
  • Space Utilization Management

At Hi-Tech BIM Services proper documentation is acquired, verified and processed.

Our integrated project delivery approach towards BIM for facility management gives owners and FMs, full access to information rich intelligent building model which they can use for full-fledged, easy and effective facility and asset management.

We have successfully delivered 7D BIM services for residential, industrial, commercial and public facilities with a team of skilled architects, engineers and BIM specialists.

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