BIM Services

BIM and Sustainable Design

Hi-Tech extends BIM and Sustainable Building Design solutions to Property Owners, Architects, Engineers, and Facility Managers.

This includes BIM enabled conceptual energy analysis, detailed energy consumption evaluation, sustainable element tracking and LEED Tracking in building and infrastructure development projects. Our 6D simulation capabilities help achieve sustainability goals for green building design, energy efficient buildings and net zero energy building.

Service Offerings

  • Building CFD & Energy Analysis
  • Building Heat Load Calculations
  • BIM-Integrated Energy Modeling
  • BIM Environmental Analysis – Green BIM
  • LEED Consulting

We put into practice the sustainable design theory and integrate it with every aspect of quality management throughout the construction lifecycle and beyond, into the facility management process. We extend complete support across design, analysis, evaluation and verification of energy efficiency in buildings by leveraging our BIM capabilities.

Benefits of using BIM for Sustainable Design

  • Better Analysis
  • Easy access to information
  • Improved Building Design
  • Improved Building Performance and Sustainability

If you know more about sustainable design for BIM, Contact us today.