Markets Served


Hi-Tech BIM services has delved into the science of retail architecture and helped clients develop high performing buildings.

We have delivered 3D constructible models and virtual design and preconstruction planning support for development of retail outlets, mixed use buildings, commercial complexes, supermarkets, shopping malls and showrooms.

Our project portfolio includes BIM implementation to fulfill mission specific solutions like lean construction, energy efficiency and sustainability, higher productivity, construction management, higher collaboration etc.

We have also delivered models for as-built and new retail building development projects. This also includes conversion of point cloud models into 3D BIM, BIM for clash detection, documentation, retail facility management, construction scheduling, cost-estimation etc.

Our services introduce a collaborative environment for architects, engineers and contractors and hence enable development of buildings for a better retail experience.

Partnering with Hi-Tech for BIM capabilities, enables clients bring in cost and time efficiency and also enables clients take an innovative approach towards project execution and delivery.

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