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Build better Healthcare Buildings with Hi-Tech BIM Services.

Our BIM Services supports construction and development of the most critical and highly complex structures like healthcare buildings, rehab centers, hospitals buildings, multidisciplinary hospitals, clinics, holistic healing centers, etc, by delivering mission specific BIM solutions.

A BIM enabled ‘Design to Construct’ process facilitates construction of healthcare facilities that embrace a holistic approach towards healing, and also provides higher comfort to all occupants including patients, doctors, hospital staff, patient relatives and volunteers.

By modeling healthcare projects, the early adopters of BIM are seeing reduced project costs, shortened schedules, and increased project quality.

Our BIM models can be used by contractors, surveyors, cost estimators, developers, architects and engineers to build innovative healthcare spaces. Some of the very crucial goals like Lean construction, high process efficiency and hence productivity, energy efficiency for a healthcare facility development project can be achieved via BIM intervention.We also deliver BIM for hospital modernization, to cater to changing spatial requirements, and to facilitate management of several diagnostic, testing, and treatment requirements via building design.

Investing in BIM turns out to be a prudent approach for clients working for the healthcare industry, as it helps hospitals get the necessary certifications and regulatory approvals and translates investments into the best outcomes.

4 ways BIM can boost your next Healthcare Project:

  • Coordinating distribution of M/E/P, structural, and medical-related equipment and systems
  • Providing real-time visualization of design and program concepts
  • Enabling just-in-time design for medical equipment and systems
  • Improving planning of construction sequencing, equipment/materials staging, and temporary egress

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