Markets Served


We extend BIM support services for Construction of Educational Institutes, Schools, Universities, Colleges, Libraries, and Laboratories etc.

BIM enabled construction and management of high performance education center assists clients through stages of design & planning, 4D scheduling, cost estimating, clash detection & mitigation and sustainable building design. We also help clients re-purpose sections within education facility premises as per requirement, enable spatial management, and support efficient operations, maintenance and management of an educational facility after it is constructed.

BIM models developed by Hi-Tech BIM services can be accessed by all the involved stakeholders, owners, architects, contractors, sub contractors, surveyors, fabricators, engineers and facility managers to improve productivity and increase efficiency thus ensure better project outcomes.

Whether your project involves building a new educational facility, developing BIM documentation for an existing educational institute or requires BIM enabled O&M and spatial management, we can help you.

Our intelligent BIM models populated with detailed architectural, structural and MEP information are used to develop a facility that provides conducive environment for education.

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