BIM Services in Belgium

We, at Hi-tech, have extensively delivered BIM solutions to architectural design firms, structural engineering firms, and contractors on various portfolios on small and large scale, across Belgium in cities such as Bruges, Ghent, Leuven, and Antwerp.

BIM Services in Belgium

Intelligent 3D BIM models prepared by our experts with help of Autodesk Revit streamline construction processes and gather inputs from surveyors, suppliers, architects, contractors and owners and manufacturers. We have successfully delivered BIM solutions across the globe for various construction projects, in adherence to respective building codes and construction standards, for hotels & resorts, hospitals / healthcare, residential buildings, commercial buildings, retail / mixed-use buildings, institutional buildings and many more.

Intelligent 3D BIM models at Hi-Tech are created especially for enhanced coordination and accurate design information amongst architects, engineers, suppliers, contractors, distributors, owners and manufacturers. BIM outsourcing has succeeded in increasing the productivity of construction projects for several AEC firms across Belgium.

Level of details from LOD100 to LOD500, we develop BIM workflows conforming to IFC and COBie standards. We as one of the leading BIM service providers partner you in extracting quantities, scheduling and estimations for contractors, construction firms and individual project stakeholders.

Our BIM services include:

  • Revit BIM Drafting Drawings & CAD Conversions
  • 3D Virtual Presentations/Visualization
  • BIM 3D/4D/5D Services
  • BIM Coordination
  • Building Conflict Reporting / Clash Detection
  • Quantity Take-off & Cost Estimation
  • Point Cloud to BIM
  • BIM For Prefabrication and Fabrication
  • Revit Family Creation
  • Facility Management
  • Construction Documentation

We create information rich BIM models for your architectural, structural or MEP designs based on drafts, drawings and sketches. Building owners, developers, investors, architects, engineers, project managers, contractors, sub-contractors and facilities managers trust outsourcing their BIM solutions to us at Hi-Tech, for accurate design support they need. Contact us now for your BIM requirements.

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Architectural BIM Services in Belgium

Keeping a tab on all design scope and changes, reviewing it consistently, timelines and cost elements; are some of the most important aspects of a building construction project, and we at Hi-Tech are experts at delivering them through our architectural BIM services in Belgium. Our comprehensive BIM models have enabled engineers, designers, and operations to enhance their coordination across construction project lifecycles.

We also deliver 3D modeling, rendering and animation services to home builders, developers, architects, and general contractors. Our team will help you identify possible challenges in architectural design and suggest improvement areas in the building design, based on intelligent 3D architectural designs and virtual tours.

We deliver following architectural BIM services in Belgium:

  • 2D drawings from conceptual sketches, images and PDFs
  • 2D conceptual drawings, planning drawings & technical drawings
  • Concepts to detailed 2D drafts for floor plan, elevation plan, building schemes and many more
  • Creating architectural shop drawings
  • 3D modeling & rendering for concept visualization
  • 3D floor plan and 360° panorama development
  • BIM ready 3D models for design collaboration
  • Producing architectural coordination models
  • Quantity take-off from architectural BIM models
  • Façade detailing
  • Creating as-built drawings from 3D BIM models once the project is complete
  • Creation site logistic models before the actual construction begins
  • Construction documents for building sections, staircase/vertical circulation details, construction details
  • Building energy modeling for sustainable building designs and LEED certifications

Structural BIM Services in Belgium

From conceptualization to fabrication and installation, we at Hi-tech, assist structural engineers, civil engineers, architects and MEP contractors in developing design information with help of our structural BIM solutions. Outsourcing your structural BIM requirements including structural drafting, steel detailing, rebar detailing, precast & prefabricated structure detailing basis 2D shop drawings and 3D CAD models will help you reduce costs and save a lot of time. Our structural design and analysis has worked to the advantage of several structural engineers, steel fabricators, shed manufacturers and construction firms involved in steel and concrete projects.

We deliver following structural BIM services in Belgium:

  • 2D drafting & 3d structural models
  • Structural design & analysis
  • Structural steel detailing in Tekla
  • Extraction of structural components
  • Assembly drawings for precast walls, columns, beams and walls
  • Clash detection & risk mitigation
  • Construction documentation for both steel and concrete elements
  • Calculation and design for number of reinforcements required for safety
  • Quantity take-off and cost estimates
  • Detailed structure design with BIM tools for enhanced collaboration

MEP BIM Services in Belgium

Onboard CAD professionals, BIM experts and experienced MEP professionals at Hi-Tech deliver MEP design support services to MEP contractors, engineers and MEP consulting firms to plan and design HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems for building facilities.

Our Revit MEP BIM services detect and resolve clashes of structural elements and HVAC layouts through enhanced coordination amongst engineers, manufacturers, fabricators, and contractors. We also are experts at evaluating the performance of HVAC systems of residential, commercial, educational, hospital, industrial building facilities. We also deliver MEP coordination, 2d CAD drafting and 3d modeling with help of Autodesk Revit and Navisworks. We also extend our revit family creation services for electrical fixtures, cable trays, conduits, lighting fixtures and accessories as well for building product manufacturers.

Our MEP BIM services in Belgium include:

  • Conversion of 2d design drawings to 3d models
  • Coordination among different MEP trades
  • Shop drawings, fabrication drawings, builders work drawings
  • 3D BIM to 4D BIM for scheduling and to 5D BIM for costing
  • Collision detection, clash detection & risk mitigation
  • Coordinate checking
  • Schedules, detailed section views & Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Parametric modeling and library creation of HAVC & MEP components
  • Constriction documents
  • Extraction of project information

Why Choose Us?

The entire AEC industry is turning towards BIM, to improve construction processes, increase productivity and gain cost and time efficiencies. Your BIM service partner will be the one who can steer projects towards profitable outcomes, by leveraging information for design, planning and operation of buildings to increase productivity, introduce cost and time efficiencies and to generate best returns on investment.

Extensive experience and a proven expertise of delivering high value via BIM, for several projects of high complexities, makes Hi-tech BIM services a preferred partner by architectural firms and construction companies

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